From Where I Sit

The Rev. Dr. Ken Macklin, Our Pastor

For several years I’ve been writing an article prefaced by, “The Earth has a story to tell, from where I sit.” However, after watching the Mandalorian series, which is a part of the Star Wars epic story I have gained a deeper appreciation for the hidden theological meanings. For example, some thought that the Mandalorian are a race of people; however, as it turns out they are a creedal people and the mantra is, “This is the way,” implying a Mandalorian creed of sorts.

So, let me try, “This is the way, from where I sit,” as I reflect over the previous year heading into the new year 2020. And let me suggest a creed to live by as a New Year’s resolution by saying “this is the way.”
In one sense, the early Christians were known as the people of the Word who were creedal people by following the way of Christ. The early believers and followers of Christ were referred to as “the people of the way.” (See Acts9:2) It was later in Antioch when the people of the way were referred to as Christians, albeit in a pejorative manner. (See Acts 11:26)
So, if Christian people were called the people of the way, how would, “This is the way,” take shape as a creed for the followers of Christ, which is not a race nor a nationality, but a creed to live by, and therefore, the way would necessarily become all inclusive.

Over many years the church tried to figure out its creeds; however, if we simply accept the teaching of Christ by living and measuring our actions against his core teachings and values, we could simply make decisions by accepting, “This is the way.”

Let’s begin with the Love Commandment, the golden rule, and the beatitudes. Through spiritual disciplines and practice we could live a different sort of life being in a relationship with God through Christ and in the Spirit.
Here are some creeds to live by from John Wesley founder of the Methodist tradition. You may ask, why? And, I will tell, because, "This is the Way!" Year of fulfilled promises

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