Foster Care Presented by Jeanie Johns

At our July UMW meeting we were privileged to hear Jeanie Johns tell us about foster care programs in Kitsap County.  We learned of the serious need for foster families and foster resources.  Not every family can be a foster family, but EVERY family can help a foster child with clothing, school supplies, and support of foster programs.  Ask Jeanie (265-3398) about her clothing closets, where foster kids can have a new pair of underwear, pajamas, maybe a book to take with them into a new foster situation – and in a real bag, not a garbage bag.  Ask her about opportunities for short-term respite care; you might be surprised how you can be of service.  Every child needs a safe place to call home.  Thank you, Jeanie, for helping us learn how we can contribute to that need. If you would like more information you may also contact our office at 360-373-6425